2.0.1 and continuing Google Apps problems


I contacted Onyx over the New Year holidays, and they wrote back immediately about my problem. Several things were suggested that didn’t work. In the end, it turns out my Google Play Service got updated somewhere along the line and didn’t match the other Google app versions. They explained each step of the way, even including screen shots. A second factory reset with OS 2.0.1 installed seems to have solved the problem. FYI, I was warned NOT to update the following Google apps:

google play store: 12.7.23 - all [0][PR]221870865
google play service:14.7.99 (040300-223214910)
google services framework: 6.0.1

So, for whatever reason, leaving the above three alone seems to bring Google apps back to life on my particular Max2. I must say it was a bit of a bother to have it down, but the tech people at Onyx were super in responding immediately to each contact from me.

My initial post in late December:
I just updated Max 2 to OS 2.0.1, hoping it would solve the problem of my Google Suite apps signing themselves out every few minutes. No such luck - the situation is worse, actually. Google Playstore requests activation, which I do. I can briefly sign in to Gmail and Google Drive, but in a few minutes they all sign themselves out and refuse to allow further sign in.

This article talks about Google and Android device makers in China. My device’s refusal to work with Google would suggest that the article is correct.

Having spent this much on a device I really do like (aside from the Google problem), I’ve looked for work arounds. Some successes:

  1. Gmail can be signed into and used effectively on the Browser. As long as I don’t close the tab, I remain signed into Gmail.
  2. Dropbox can also we used on the Browser, but it is also available from the Onyx app store that is pre-installed on the device.
  3. Evernote works fine, allowing syncing of all info from my other devices. Auto backups from Knote work well here, too.

So, while not an ideal situation, I can still work with Max2. I wonder if the issue will be fixed, however?


Hi Scott,
I would also like to use some Google apps and I previously asked onyx if they will certify their devices with Google so they can get a valid playstore and working Google apps, however we haven’t gotten any response as of yet.
The link to the question is here: Question about Google Mobile Services
Basically it is not expensive to get certified and they only need to do it once per model but it takes time and effort.
/ Imp


Thanks for your answer. I thought it was more than a simple software glitch. I have resigned myself to using my work around methods, but certainly couldn’t recommend the Max2 to anyone unless the Google Playstore issue is fixed. Let’s hope Onyx certifies their devices soon.