2.1.1 on Max2 : Appli icon gets error


I just updated my Max2 to 2.1.1. But since, I get an error each time I want to see my applications list (top right icon in status bar) :
“the system interface has stopped”
I must click 3 times on OK to get back where I was

Same thing after a Restart.

How can I get my applications list (to select or close one) ?

Can you please correct this problem ?


(other problem : I can’t send a Return message : time out with your server ! but I could download language packs .)


Hello, do you mean the “Multi task” icon for the application list? Could you please try to update to the latest firmware 2.1.1?( 4.23 one)


So, it seems I updated with a 2.1.1 version with Build 2019-04-17, and that Onyx changed to a Build 2019-04-23 one or two days later, without telling it or changing the version number !

I will try this new one soon …

To Onyx : if you have a new version of a version, please change its name (2.1.1b or 2.1.2 or what you want) but don’t keep the same version number !
There is no way on your download site to know which build we download.


Thank you for your message. We will pay attention to this problem later.


After an update with 2019-04-23 build, the multi-task icon properly gives the open applications list (and all the other things seems OK . :grin: