2.1.2 Recent Windows

The two boxes icon in upper right while reading a book should bring up recent Windows.

I have a note opened in Knote app where I am journaling from what I read.

I was surprised and disappointed by two things that sell should be obvious feature but missing!

  1. When in neo reader, I click the recent Windows icon, and it’s empty! I have to click the HOME icon, then click on NOTES then click on my note file to get back to where I was journaling.

  2. Once finally in the Note app and completing a sentence or two of journaling, I want to return BACK to my book, but, surprise, the recent Windows icon is not visible! So I have to go all the way back to home and then open up my book again.

That should be a way to quickly switch between neo reader and the Note app.

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I have the same problem and need constantly to switch between notes and the reader. Have you meanwhile found any solution? I tried it with the app swapps but it doesn’t recognise the reader or the note app.

For me too, this is the biggest feature missing from BOOX devices.

The ability to switch between notes and a book would greatly help when using the Note for study purposes. Either the ability to quickly and easily switch between the note and reader apps or the ability to open a note in another tab of the reader app.

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I was hoping this would be implemented in 2.2.1, but alas…