2 very important improvements


I like very much my Onyx Note, but I’d like to suggest some improvements:
• Note app and NeoReader app should be visible in Multi-tasking switching in this way it’s easier for istance open a different app and go back to the book I was reading;
• Aesthetic improvement: in Screen Lock there are letters under the numbers in the pin pad and I think they are useless because nobody uses letters in the pin code.


First of all, thank you for your valuable suggestion here. For the first one, we have forwarded this to our R&D team to follow up. As for the second one, we do really appreciate your detailed observation here.


Please forgive me if I am not of your opinion that the letters under the numbers on the pin pad are useless. I, for instance, am using them to not remember a number but a word. Typing that word according to the letters under the numbers will reveal the numeric pin used to unlock the device.


Hi Chi. In your place I’d remember words using numbers in this way https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominic_system

About the letters in the pin lock maybe you’re agree with me that in this way the pin pad seems more a telephone keypad (simple horrible!) than the pin pad of a professional e-book reader.


the letters are not a problem for those who don’t use them, so why remove them for everybody (including those who want to use them)?