2nd monitor ghosting problem

So could you fix the ghosting problem anyway? Full refresh is only every 5 minutes! Now I am using it as a monitor, but it`s only usefull for reading in chrome with large zoom and high contrast extention installed.For regular applications not really usefull for me - to laggy, poor contrast and blurry fonts. The hardware is awesome though, you gotta fix it.

Thank you for feedback. Our team is striving to constantly improve our product usability and quality. One of key characteristics of Eink screen is slow refresh. That is why we enable A2 mode, which is fast refresh mode. But the screen may leave some ghosting. When Max is used as a second monitor, you can set full screen refresh every 5 minutes, or even longer intervals. You can manually execute full screen refresh by tapping No. 2 icon (see attached picture)

(A2 refresh mode employs 2 scale black and white refresh mode, so refresh speed is faster. Users could barely notice the screen flashing. A2 refresh mode gives users better reading and browsing experience on E-ink devices.)

Is there any special reason to have a lower limit of 5 minutes? If for me 1 minute or event 30 seconds is acceptable, why does the Max2 blocks me in entering a lower limit?

Hi, Peter, thank you for your suggestion, I’ll forward it to our R&D team.