802.1x EAP WiFi Connection Problems in 2.1.2 Firmware



I have a Boox Note Pro running the 2.1.2 firmware and I no longer seem to be able to set up a 802.1x WiFi connection. I used to have a Boox Note with the previous version of the firmware where this was running fine, but I upgraded recently and have just run into this problem.

To be more specific, when I try to add a hidden network by specifying the SSID + 802.1x EAP security, I cannot specify the CA or user certificates- when I try to add them using the drop down menus (which read “(unspecified)”, the drop down menus seem to get stuck without displaying anything further and no dialog box or file explorer or anything like that is opened so it is impossible to add the certificates.

I assume this is a problem caused by the new firmware, but I cannot be 100% sure about that as I didn’t try to add this kind of network with the previous firmware on this device.

Hoping you will be able to help!



Hello Barry, thank you for your kind feedback here. Yes, it is bug in the firmware 2.1.2 and we have forwarded this to our R&D team. This would be fixed in the next firmware update. Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.