A collection of videos


Recent exchanges with the personnel monitoring this board proposed the few videos I uploaded on YouTube as potentially informative. I will link them in the present thread, and propose new ones in time.


Alternative software: Librera, from Ivan Ivanenko AKA Foobnix.

A short demonstration of Ivan Ivanenko’s Librera document reader (known nearer the dawn of Android as ‘PDF Reader’).
Double page on a 13.3’’ (near A4) EPD screen.


Alternative uses: playing video.

Demonstration of the Onyx Boox Max2 playing video (using A2 mode and dithering).
00:07 - classroom lesson from Prof. Patrick Winston at the MIT;
00:52 - distance learning course from Prof. Andrew Ng (then Stanford);
01:51 - TED conference from Blaise Agüera y Arcas (Google);
02:52 - interview with Ray Kurzweil.
The recording was performed indoors in non optimal conditions.


Monitor function - via network, through VNC

The Onyx Boox Max 2 (RK3288 based tablet with EPD screen) used as a monitor through remote desktop techniques (it also has natively HDMI) - here, VNC.
Here is an x11vnc session on a Linux desktop connecting to the Max2 through Wi-Fi and terminating to Iordan Iordanov’s bVNC client.
The video is brought to a hefty 2200x1650, the native resolution of the tablet - no scaling performed. The VNC performs quite well, given these specifications. Nonetheless, when the page scrolling appears jaggy, that is a consequence.
Initially I show the use of the mouse, then of the touchscreen.
I demonstrate rich text editing on Office Automation software, then an image viewer.
Around 3:15, I switch from “Normal EPD mode” to “A2 mode” because video is demonstrated in the next chunk.


Monitor function - via HDMI - game playing test

The Onyx Boox Max 2 (RK3288 based tablet with EPD screen) can be used as monitor through many techniques. This is the beginning of Machinarium from Amanita Design, as viewed from HDMI.


Monitor function - via HDMI - sample coding and computing session

A demonstration of the Onyx Boox Max2 as a monitor connected through HDMI to a Linux desktop; custom new features for the monitor software are demonstrated (screen refresh on tap, change rendering mode on tap) which Onyx is encouraged to implement in the mainstream code.
This demonstration runs first a facilitator for pytorch code experimentation, then interacts with a console and a graph representing in real time the evolving model of an artificial neural network approximating a chunk of a sine function.
The taps on the screen are meant to, when appropriate, force a “full screen refresh” (removes ghosting and perfects rendering), or switch the electrophoretic mode to “fast/A2”, so the interaction with the desktop elements is faster, or switch to “normal” EPD mode, to get a full quality rendering.


Monitor function - extension of HDMI capabilities - touchscreen

Onyx Boox Max2 used as monitor through the HDMI port, with customizations in the Monitor software that also allow to use it as a touch-screen.


Text editing session - Kingsoft Office

Chunks of a session of document editing with Kingsoft Office Writer, word processor, on the Onyx Boox Max2 (RK3288 based tablet with EPD display).


Dear, Thank you very much for share these videos.


Is it running in the A2 mode or not?


What exactly?

If movement leaves a flashing trail, then it is normal, “Greyscale Update” mode;
if you lose greyscale, then it is A2 mode…