Academic workflow


I use my Note Pro with Zotero for both academic and legal purposes. What I do is use the Zotfile extensions to “send” pdf docs from Zotero to the device - this can be done by setting a folder pathway in zotfile preferences, which can be a local file on your device or cloud storage (i use both onedrive and dropbox folders that sync automatically by way of android dropsync or onesync apps). Then, when I want to work with the annotations or files back in Zotero, I just right-click the file and “retrieve” it from tablet folder. A nice perk to this setup is that I can use the Neoreader app on the tablet to highlight and annotate, and zotfile will automatically extract these highlights into a zotero note when I retrieve the file from the tablet. I can then generate a zotero report that has all the highlights at my fingertips when I am ready to write. This setup is seamless and efficient for my purposes.



I would also like to see a bette Integration of Boox with Zotero.



Not sure if this is of help to others on this thread but wanted to share some of my experience handling 1000 of pdfs on a cloud drive such as google drive.

My workflow is as follows. I have several thousand pdfs on a google drive which are organized in folders. When I first started using my Max 2 (10/2018) I had several issues like others on this thread. Neo reader would make a local copy and the annotations would not sync to the cloud. Annotations were saved in a second folder rather than the local file. So I started using xodo-pdf which solved most of these issues but writing with pen had a lag. This was not great but at least workable solution.

Today (11/26/2019) I updated to V2.2.1 on Max2. Neo-reader is able save the annotations onto the original file and also able to sync with the google drive. My file browser is solid explorer. Now everything just works.

Hope this helps …


How is everybody handling the lag in highlighting? Even on the XODO, I hate the long press to get the handles to highlight.


I use the built in reader and no third-party app, because they are not optimized for eink…


Just wanted to share a hint for users of the combination MAX/Zotero/Dropbox:

I second that there are acceptable workflows with MAX and Zotero. Not perfect because there is no full integration but OK for me. Boundary condition: I primarily want to manage my references on my work station with Zotero but primarily want to read my pdfs and make annotations on the MAX. So the pdfs (including their annotations) need to be synced but I don’t need Zotero on the MAX.

I anyways use a flat folder (no subfolders) for more than 1000 pdf files managed in Zotero as external links. I sync that big folder via dropbox from my work station to other devices, including MAX.

That setup works acceptable with NeoReader on MAX if you keep in mind to open the pdf files from the file browser instead of the dropbox app. See Pdf annotations export