Active original Android settings in T76 carta+ v1.9

Hello friends

I have a T76ML Carta+ , recently I updated device from v1.8(last international rom) to v1.9(last China rom)

Now The icon of original Android settings disappeared from launcher and for example I can’t go security settings and active unknown sources
I can’t change any other settings…

I want to know, is any way to active original Android settings?!

If not, Can I downgrade my device into V1.8 from recovery?!

Thanks you.


I don’t have the same device as you, but as your’s is running Android it should work to install Open Settings (shortcut to settings) app from
DXIdevProductivity (free and very small). You can find it on Google Play Store (tap on the grey “” headline below to get there):

This makes the Android settings appear.

I hope that’s helpful.

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Yes , thank you , it works, I downloaded this app from another store, because China rom doesn’t have google play…

May I ask another question?!

Isn’t any way to downgrade?!

In this rom when I download apps from e-store , it show me an error who say “unable to parsing package” or something like this😅