Actually erase lines with the moving eraser, not just make them transparent

I have been using the Onyx Boox Max 3 for some drawings using the Note app; however, after about an hour of drawing, the app becomes unusable. Erasing lines takes a long time, and sometimes the app is just unresponsive.

Although I can think of many things that can be improved in the app, beyond just the performance, I believe the following change could increase the performance of the app and allow for larger, more complex drawings without the unbearable slowness.

Please have the “moving eraser” actually delete lines or split up the original line into several sublines, as opposed to just making the erased part transparent.

I mainly use the moving eraser, as I imagine many artists would, and I noticed that I can still select the now invisible/transparent lines I had previously erased, meaning that I had hundreds of transparent lines on my page, greatly slowing down the app. Furthermore, sometimes while moving lines around with the lasso tool, the transparent lines would darken again, thereby messing up the drawing.

Perhaps it would be wise to develop a dedicated app for drawing on the Boox devices—including features like layers, more brushes, more grey-levels, etc.—as the Note app (as it’s name would suggest) has been great so far for note-taking (the moving eraser’s behaviour has not caused any performance issues for me while taking hand-wrtten notes), but falls short for drawing.

Apart from these performance issues, I have been really enjoying the Max 3! I really hope you guys can continue to improve the software so that this device can completely replace pen and paper.

Thank you!


Hi Florent, could you kindly submit this bug via Settings/ Feedback on your Max 3 when this bug happen again? Many thanks in advance.

Secondly, we highly appreciate your kind suggestion for our Note App. We do realize that the existing features on Note App is not sufficient for those users, like artists or architect, who need to draw a lot. Our R&D team will keep working to make improvements for Note App and other Apps to make our Boox device a really powerful tool which could completely replace the pen and paper.

same problem when drawing. I think it’s not a bug.

Could you kindly change the refresh mode to normal mode? Meanwhile, please go to Note-Settings-Auto refresh after lifting stylus to enable this function.

This might be the answer to a problem I noticed when trying to transfer handwritten notes to text. Often, words appear, that I erased before. It makes the text rather useless. But if the erased text just gets transparent, the text recognition will probably “see” it nonetheless. Which tool do I have to use te actually delete handwritten notes?

The stroke erase tool might work? That tool always seemed to remove things, rather than make them invisible