Add new page in fullscreen in Notes app


Continuing the discussion from Wishes for the next firmware update:

I would like a Wii look way to add notes in full screen. That way when I’m journaling I don’t have to go out and come back to add new pages.


In Fullscreen mode, you could easily add notes by flipping the pages (from right to left). Learn more from this video.


Thank you so much that is a real help!!


Didn’t knew this was possible.
If that is the case, why not allow hardware buttons do the same? I don’t like features that rely solely on gestures, this in particular It’s a bit hidden. How much damage apple has made…
So my wish will be to be able to do this with hardware buttons and also by clicking on the next page button at the top right corner.


Hi, thank you for your kind feedback here. We fully understand that many users would prefer different ways to operate the device. Some would prefer gestures, while others would prefer physical buttons. If a button suddenly appear at the top right corner in full screen mode, it would make the full screen mode not a real one. In this case, we would pass the request to add pages by pressing the physical button to our R&D team later. Thank you for your understanding here.


Sorry claire, I think I was not clear about my request.
What I mean is that all page changing methods should behave the same. I’m not talking about full screen mode specifically. So every method that allows you to change the page should also allow you to add a new page when you reach the end. No matter if it is on full screen or not.
Currently only full screen mode allows you to add a page when you reach the end, and that is not consistent.On the contrary, if you hit the hardware button at the last page nothing happens, If you tap on the next page icon when you are on the last page nothing happens. The only exception is changing pages on full-screen, and that confuses me.


Dear user, thank you for your clarification here. You could easily add pages pressing the “+” button on the top right of the screen when it is not in full screen mode. We had a discussion with our R&D team that it is not available to add pages by pressing the physical button now.