After the new update of Onyx boox max


Hello team of onyx boox max. I am glad about the new “move” option in the Note and othe improvement.
But I miss some of the old one options.

I miss in Note the old option to switch to the next page with the physikal buttons.
At the start window with Library the physical buttons do also not work. Switch page in Library works just with the touch. Sometimes I have the same problem in Note.

It is bad now that I can not save my notes with more than 10 characters in the name as I have done it before. I reach the limit very oft.

Refresh does not work. It was been said in an other topic

Pattern has sometimes bugs. As I have done my notes before I used the pattern layer of points at the background. It helped me to write in the line. Now the points from the background are over my notes. It hurts me if it occurs.

I dont know why, but all my old notes, wich were done before the update become thicker lines.
New lines in the note are sometimes not so smooth as before while I write.
It occurs not in each Note, but sometimes.

Has anybody the same problems?


Just tried and I can. I’m working on new note.