AI translated text


I have used the AI feature to translate my handwriting into text and I have two questions.

  1. How can I translate more than one line of text? If I try with more lines they get mixed up. Both in Swedish and US English.
  2. What do I do with the text after it is translated? How do I replace my handwriting with the text or get it back to the notebook?


Hello Maxt, thank you for your feedback. And the mixed up problem(without space) has been submitted to our relative colleagues to follow up. After transferring, you can export the notes into PDF format.
How do I replace my handwriting with the text or get it back to the notebook? Do you mean that how to reedit the notes which has been recognized by AI?


When I press AI the text is exported into a new interface where I only seem to be able to export as PDF and save as text. I would like to have the original handwritten note to be replaced with the new text so I can see it together with images and other things in the original note.


I’ve made a similar point here: ; copied here with some additions:

  • If I write “two” on one line and “words” on another line, this will be recognized as “twowords” instead of “two words”.
  • Handwriting recognition should not treat the entire page by default, because this attempts to recognize interpolated drawings as text. It should be possible to toggle: “ON write OFF draw ON write more”, only “write write more” should be processed.
  • It should be possible to swap out handwritten sections with the recognised text, rather than toggling between only handwriting and only text for the entire document. (Notes already support text blocks: a handwritten section should be converted to a text block. It should be possible to toggle between the handwritten section and the derived text, or to display them both, e.g. as facing pages.)
  • It should be possible to edit mistakes in the recognized text. (Edits can be discarded if the source writing is changed, but keep versions.)
  • Handwriting recognition should run when a section is completed, not repeatedly.
  • It should be possible to select the language for recognition per block, and it should be possible to select multiple languages (e.g. in GBoard I can select two languages and mix words from both). This (mixing words from different languages) is extremely common in multilingual countries or in certain professional domains.


I use the AI handwriting translation mainly for Chinese, but I think it’s fantastic. Some of what you all are asking for sound like nice-to-haves, but from a programming perspective, I don’t see how it’s likely. For what I do, I copy the translation and paste it into my main document, which is a Word file.