An Actual Home Button?

I just got a brand new Nova Pro. It’s lovely, but the one thing I have trouble with in the UI is the lack of a proper home button. If I’m in an app, the physical button acts as a back button, so it undoes what I was doing there. I have been doing this weird workaround: press little menu in lower right corner, go to app menu, open calculator or another app, then press physical button to go to home screen.

Obviously that’s ridiculous, but is there another way to do it? I’m new to this device, so maybe I missed something.

I’d love to see a top status bar that stays put across all apps, with a home and back button and access to lighting and such. Or an option to make apps full screen or show menu.

Thanks for any thoughts you’d care to share!


Hello, if you have navigation ball enabled, you can go home by double tapping on the closed ball button

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What! Alf, you’re fantastic. I hadn’t come across that before, it solves all my problems.

Thank you!


Of course it would also solve all your problems if they just hadn’t removed the normal android ability to see the status bar while using apps. Each apps optimization settings had a ‘view full screen’ option, but if it user preferred to have quick access to the normal android quick access menu and various settings, including a home button, along the top status bar, before the recent update the user could just ‘not hide’ the status bar via app optimizations or in app options.

The two reading apps I’ve used auto-hid the status bar while actually reading, but showed it while browsing for content or viewing options, so I have no idea why they are now limiting user control and diminishing the android experience in general. The devices android functionality is why many of us bought the device. Hopefully the next update will return normal android functions as user options.

But yes, it’s not intuitive, and I didn’t read instructions about it anywhere, though it might say something in the manual, but double tapping the nav ball does take a user to the home screen. I didn’t update my device, but my wife has one that came updated, so I had to teach her how to do that too (I’d downgrade hers if I could).