An Onyx cellphone?

I saw several YouTube videos at the beginning of 2020 where a prototype Onyx cellphone was displayed. I wonder if that project was delayed, or stopped? I would love to have an e ink screen cellphone.

I’ve owned the following Onyx devices: Max 2 (quite disappointing - the battery swelled after a few years of heavy use and destroyed the device. Nova Pro (can be a bit slow but I use it all the time). Note 2 (finally prime time! I love this elegant and snappy tablet and use it for heavy duty work). If there were a cellphone by Onyx I’d surely give it a try.

PS I’m primarily an iPad and Mac user, but they really burn my eyes after a few hours of use. Not so with these Onyx devices.




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I would love an electrophoretic screen on a phone too, but only if I know I can get support if needed. It has been quite disappointing how often the in-device Feedback stops working, and even this BBS went down a time or two!

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