Android upgrade?



Is there an android uprade planned for the Onyx Boox Note Pro?

I am considering buying (a second) one but I’m a little disappointed by the Android distribution shipped with the one I have bought for a family member. Android 6, is already 4 years old now and unsupported, so it’s kind of problematic shipping devices with that version installed…


they have said that the november update will upgrade the older devices from Android 6 to Android 9


That’s great! where did “they” say that though?


Claire is the voice of BOOX here, she responded to a recent post somewhere here (I thought it was this one) saying that the android update will probably be December rather than the November as she had said a month or so ago.

look for posts from her since my post.


right, looks like this post:



Thank you for your support to us all the time. Please note that the final time is uncertain now.