Announcement: Firmware V2.2.1 Update is released now

Firmware V2.2.1 Update for Note Pro is released now. It is only available for OTA update and the local update will be available later. Please kindly update to the latest firmware via Settings/ Firmware Update on your Boox Note Pro. Updates for other models, Nova Pro, Max2 Pro and other devices, are coming soon. Please be patient.

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Hello, will the Max 2 (non Pro) also get this update? Thanks

Can we have the changelog?

Well not much as I can tell. Note’s layout is different now, pen menu is different, they changed the icons for many things, added more screen refresh modes, global contrast adjustment.

But the exported notes and PDF annotations are still super ugly, no change since last firmware.

At least they fixed a bug of not being to make a local backup from the note app without connecting to the internet.

Android version is still 6.0.1.

A super annoying thing: the new toolbar hides the top of the notes and if you want to navigate in your notes, you will not see the top ever. You have to switch to full screen mode, but then you can’t turn pages.

Edit: well, the new note toolbar is so annoying that I’m considering downgrading back to 2.1.2.

You can turn pages in fullscreen mode by swiping, but ofc can’t add page without toolbar.
New update does improve writing/sketch appearance via smoothing after you lift stylus for half a second, but only on device itself. Sadly smoothing only works on note app, and not on neoreader, so would be good if they add that to neoreader too. As you said exported pdfs on pc are still ugly and need improvement. In addition, pressure sensitive pen on zoomed pdfs (if you zoom alot and then write small letters) is still unreadable when exported - boox support said they are aware of that and that they are working on it. Pressure unsensitive pen is ok in that regard but as mentioned jittery and ugly when exported.
Zooming and panning on neoreader now works great.

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Yes, it will. Please be patient. :grinning:

Please kindly find the changelog here.

Yes, I figured out the gesture one, it is usable like this, although I liked the old layout more (smaller page if the toolbar is there).

“Sadly smoothing only works on note app” - this is not really a smoothing, it is more like blurring the whole page. This also worked before, if you clicked the refresh button or turned the page. The only difference is that now there is an auto-refresh, that I guess is supposed to help with the ghosting effects that were present sometimes - so it blurs it automatically.

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@claire Do you know when we can expect an Android update?

Will Max 2 get this update? when is it expected?

There is a significant problem with the new Note layout. There is no way to select/move/copy/paste objects on the top of the page, since the toolbar is only hideable when the pen is selected, and otherwise the toolbar hides the top of the page.


What about Poke Pro? Are we getting updates?

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Thanks Onyx for the huge upgrade, I love the new fast mode which is like A2 but without the artefacts. Also the orientation control makes this a much more useful device. Is there any downside to leaving it on fast mode permanently?

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Yes, it will also get the update. Please be patient.

Yes, please be patient.

No exact date about that.

Hello Claire,

When the Nova pro update 2.2.1 will be released?

The Chinese Rom update is available, but the international one not yet>


will any other device than max 3 receive android 9? or we will be stuck with 6?

Those devices with Android 6.0 will update to the Android 9.0 in the future. Please be patient.

The firmware update for the Nova Pro has been released. Please kindly check here.