Announcement: Firmware V2.2.1 Update is released now


The firmware update for the Nova Pro, Max2, Max2 Pro and Note Plus is available today. Please kindly update to the latest firmware via Settings/ Firmware Update or download the firmware update package on our website.


Just got the V2.2.1 update on my Max 2. I am quiet happy after this update. One serious pain point with using neo-reader with files on a cloud drive is fixed. Previously I had to use xodo to do pdf edits since neo reader could not sync edits. Now using solid explorer file browser and neo-reader I am able to edit pdf files and sync them to a cloud drive (google drive). This is such a saver!! This update also fixed dropbox sync error.

For those who are missing the home button on the top, double tapping the navigation ball takes to home screen. Some other menu changes need getting used to, while some are confusing.

Native rotation control is good but implementation is confusing. Rotations are relative to current orientation. They should rather be 4 fixed absolute directions. Also cannot access this via navigation ball. No direct access to Neo-reader via navigation or in the apps.

Overall very useful update… thanks to onyx!!


I’m using nova pro, after 2.2.1 ‘the long pressing back button’ function to turn on & off back-light is not working in lock screen & after unlocked. All I have to do is- unlock and turn on once in status bar, after doing this, it is functioning well and when i locked and tried again it doesn’t. this is painful if i want to unlock the device in dark. I don’t know whether my device is behaving like this.


On the web link you have provided I still can only see the BOOX Max2 Pro V2.1.2update(20190613) .


I’ve been trying to upgrade my Max2 since you announced it and the firmware update fails to start the download every time.


Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. Per our relative colleagues, the update package will be available on the website later.


Thank you.

Are there any plan to fix the note toolbar issues reported many times here?
Especially the toolbar covering the top part of the note sounds worrisome, so I’m now holding back upgrading at least till the end of the university semester, since it sounds affecting my use case.


Can we please have an option to change back the toolbar to the side in notes? And is it possible to use the AI-function in scribble or can I copy my scribbles to note and then use AI?
Best wishes


Firmware update for Note, Note S, Nova Plus and Nova is available now.


Yes, the toolbar will be fixed in the next firmware update.


The toolbar shall be fixed in the next firmware update. And the AI function is not available for scribble now.


And when is that update coming? Also, when is the Android 9 update coming?

You also mentioned several weeks ago in the Dropbox sync thread that syncing with Dropbox will also be fixed with the November update. Has it been fixed with this update?


Scribbeling on epubs is not included in this update. Also the new side note drawer inside the notes app is not there… Why was this left out of the update? Will it come with the big Android 9.0 update?


I was finally able to upgrade my max2

I’m disappointed by the app optimization changes, moving it from a fairly obvious app related place to an option that has to occupy one of the very limited 5 nav ball slots is not a win (especially since it doesn’t show up if the nav ball slots had already been allocated in the previous version)

I do like that the nav ball now has the option to launch an app (is it only one app that can be setup this way like it appears?)

I don’t like that the nav ball now cannot be set up at the top of the screen, (the top center is almost always blank), now it’s pushed down into the content section, where it frequently overlaps content.

I thought this upgrade was supposed to move us to Android 9, but the device is still reporting android 6?


You can press, hold and drag the nav ball to anywhere on the screen.