ANY possibility to backup highlights and annotations from Neo Reader?


So I just lost 3 weeks of work. I thought it was only a few days of work, but somehow Neo Reader has managed to delete every single highlight, annotation and handwritten note from my documents. I naively thought that all of that was saved within the pdf-files. But I can now see, that that was not the case.

I am extremely infuriated that such an expensive device doesn’t have any kind of backup option and so bad options of saving your work. I am writing my PhD and loosing 3 weeks of work is a disaster.

So are there any options for me to regain what has been lost?
I have already tried a recovery program, but that requires the device to be rooted. And as far as I know I should do as little as possible not to overwrite any data.

Help :frowning:

EDIT: What happened was: Neo Reader crashed and after a restart of the device all highlights and annotations were gone.


As an academic myself, I feel for you. I can’t help you with recovering your old annotations, unfortunately - I don’t think it’s easy to recover them after a crash. For the future, however, you can back up your notes quite easily. If you use the ‘Export’ function in Neo Reader (it’s under ‘Notes’), you can create a new PDF which will actually have your notes and annotations saved within it. You can transfer that file to a computer, and you’ll then have a proper backup which will survive anything that happens to your Boox Note. I personally use an app called ‘Dropsync’ which automatically synchronises the relevant folder on the Boox directly to Dropbox, thus backing my annotations and notes up whenever I have an internet connection. That should prevent this problem from recurring in the future, at least.


I’m an accademic too; i have the same problem and i’ve opened a thread some weeks ago without success. It’s true, like lensmann said, that you can export pdf with embedded note and highlight so you see this file on you pc. But what happen if i want to read this exported pdf from my boox note (or max carte) there is not note list, i cannot modify my note etc.
Landylee may you help us?


Please provide your build number.


We have fix this bug in V1.9.1
Please send your build number to
We may need more information to analyze this problem.


I use “Autosync Google Drive”.
with my google drive in my PC and it’s work really well.