App optimization: Autodesk SketchBook

Hello Boox team,
I seem to remember a while back you were giving the opportunity to post applications you could be able to optimize for running on the Boox. Not sure it’s the same things we can now do with “Optimize” settings, which I already tweaked, but in case there’s more you can do, here’s one app I’d really love to use on the Max2:
Autodesk Sketchbook

It is a drawing/painting app, it is overall almost usable in A2 mode, but the main issue is that strokes you place take almost one second to appear, and that’s of course not optimal.
The builtin Note app as a really good feel for that, so I suppose a more natural drawing feel is technically possible, but of course Note app has been developed on purpose for the MAX2, and I can see you have far less headroom to work with on external apps.
I thought I’d tray anyway, thanks for the attention!

Suggestion/idea: would it be possible adding an option in the “optimization” settings to update the screen just in the area/circle of xx user-defined pixels around the touch-point? That could be very useful for most drawing applications, as it would be much quicker refreshing only a bunch of pixels per frame, and that would be enough to see your stroke being generated. Thank you!