Backlight notification


When turning on the device at night, I prefer to have the backlight active, else I won’t be able to see anything on the screen. For this, the backlight needs to already have been active, and I need to activate this option in the settings.

This is only annoying when the backlight is off, but this becomes an issue when I continue reading during the day, and forget to disable the backlight as it’s not visible during daylight. This drains the battery unneccessarily.

So my suggestion is to create the option to always activate the backlight when returning from standby for say, 5 seconds, while a popup appears asking if I wish to keep the backlight active.

This will ensure always being able to use the device in any light situation, while also ensuring barely any battery time is wasted.

Hope you’ll consider this suggestion, as it would at least help my reading experience quite a bit.


Hello, thank you for your kind suggestions and we will forward this to our relative colleagues to take it seriously.