Backup Pdf file for Note reset


Hi guys,
Finally I bought a boox note, very good device. I use the device for accademic purpose, so my highlights and annotation are very important for me. All work well but i need two feature that i can’t succed in finding:

  1. Done an highlight or annotation into a pdf file from computer and modify it into KoReader
  2. Much more important, back-up the pdf file with annotation and highlight from my note device so that if note broken or loose data i can put the pdf file into device again and I can continue working on it. (export pdf is not a solution, because this file into the Onyx Note does not show the list of highlight and annotation and because the highlight and note into export pdf are not modifiable).

I hope i can succed in explaining me and that Milo or someone else will respond to this question

Ty very much for yours help