Best Accessories for Max3 and Recommendations?

Hello, I got Max 3 and love it. I was wondering what are the best accessories for it? I read on a review that these are very good:

Ayotu Skin Touch Folding Leather Case (Amazon link to buy: ) “This case feels great, can be folded and used as a stand, and uses magnets to hold things in place. It’s designed for the Max 2 but works fine with the Max 3 and is half the price of the official leather case.”

Onyx Boox USB Hub Adapter 4-in-1 (Amazon link to buy: ) - “Simply plug this into the USB-C port and now you can easily plug in any USB keyboard and mouse, insert in card storage, etc.”

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard, Jelly Comb Dual Mode Bluetooth & USB Wired Rechargeable Portable Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse for Android, (Amazon link: ) This amazing portable folding keyboard also has a trackpad. Once I plug it into the above hub, it’s like it converts my Boox Max 3 into a full fledged computer for productivity in apps like Microsoft Word."

Donner Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal. For musicians, the ability to turn pages without using your hands (if you’re holding a violin or guitar or playing pinao) is useful. I got this page turner pedal: (Amazon link: ) which lets me do pageup, pagedown, advance to next page, and other controls easily.

Does anyone have any other recommendations especially to make the device more productive and useful for office work?

When practical, I prefer to have my reader in a stand and use a remote to turn the page. I use this one: