BOOX Beta Testing Application for The Latest Firmware and Products

To BOOX users,
For making better optimizations for our products based on real data & real feedback from our users, we are going to randomly pick some real users to have beta testing. Please fill the this form to let us know more about you.

(1) Experienced Boox users
(2) Frequently use E-ink devices for work or study
(3) Own 2 or above eReaders of different brands
(4) Have sufficient spare time to take the test and join our detail discussion.

Participants could have:
(1) A free testing sample device
(2) Free accessories for new products
(3) Special discount for any Boox products

We will not use or leak your information for any purpose. And we will contact you later if you are picked to be a tester. Thank you.

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Hmm… requirement 1; picking only experienced users can lead to missing things difficult for inexperienced users, etc. Test group bias etc. etc.

To give you a little feedback on the feedback form:

This line isn’t correct in terms of English grammar:

  1. Would you mind sending your feedback and suggestions to us and share your ideas with other testers via the Wechat app (English only)? Yes/No.

If a person “minds” something, it means that the person doesn’t want to do it. So if the person answers “Yes”, it means that they are not willing to send you feedback.

An example of proper usage:
“Would you mind if I sat next to you?” Claire asked.
“No, not at all,” I answered, moving my bag from the seat next to me, so Claire could join me.

You probably wanted to say “Would you be willing to send” instead of “Would you mind sending”.

I see such mistakes (and much more egregious ones) quite frequently in manuals from China. Even if a person can speak functional English, they can often miss the subtler details, which can come across as unprofessional.

Just out of curiosity, I glanced at the Boox Note manual’s first sentence:

“BOOX is presented by Onyx International, which has a group of professionals
who dedicate themselves in designing state-of-the-art reading terminal.”

There are a couple of errors there as well. Instead of “who dedicate themselves in”, it should say “who dedicate themselves to”. Also, it should either say “a state-of-the-art reading terminal” or “state-of-the-art reading terminals”. Either single item with “a” or multiple without.

Then the sentence would be technically correct.

That being said, the sentence still sounds awkward and stilted to a native speaker. It’s obvious that it’s a translation from a language that is structurally different.

To make it sound more native, you could replace “who dedicate themselves to” with “who are dedicated to” or even just “dedicated to”.

Another awkwardness is with “which has a group of professionals”. It’s not technically wrong, but it sounds like there’s a small group of guys tucked away somewhere in the closet. The “has” there makes the professionals sound like material possessions. A more elegant way of saying it would be “which is comprised of professionals”.

The corrected sentence would read:

“BOOX is presented by Onyx International, which is comprised of professionals dedicated to designing state-of-the-art reading terminals.”

To end on the positive, I love my Note. You’ve made a great product and I’m excited to see future development.

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I have responded with ‘no’, meaning that I am willing to share my ideas via WeChat.

You really should have asked about experience testing software and hardware as well, I have years of experience beta testing both software and hardware, but was unable to show any of that in my submission

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