Boox Max 2 stuck and unresponsive


I recently updated to the latest firmware version in June on Max 2. Since then I have noticed while browsing (native browser), randomly the device gets stuck and becomes unresponsive. Sometimes makes tic-tic sounds from the speaker. I reboot at this point. Sometime after reboot the screen displays low-power image suggesting recharge. But the battery is generally>40%. This has happened several times since the latest update… and the behavior is very annoying. Is there something wrong with the update? does anyone else have these issues?


Sorry about that problem. Could you kindly submit this request form with all information needed. Our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.



I tried sending the information via the feedback in Max 2 but I repeatedly get “network error” although my network is fine.

Details of my problem are as follows. When I am browsing the internet using the native browser (this can be any website including this forum) suddenly entire Max 2 stops working, essentially becoming unresponsive. When this happens, I have to hold the power button for several seconds to reboot. Today this happened while I was writing this message and I had to switch to my laptop to continue. Earlier today Max 2 froze while I was using a different app called “jump desktop”. I never had this problem prior to the update. I updated the Boox Max 2 in June/July 2019. Do you or anyone at Onyx have any suggestions on how to fix this annoying problem.


Dear, really sorry about that problem. Could you kindly send a video to illustrate the stuck problem for a better and faster diagnosis? BTW, have you ever rooted the device before or change the settings?

We have passed the feedback problem to our relative colleagues to follow up and will keep you updated.