Boox Note battery drain issue



I’ve noticed that the battery on my Note is draining quickly even when I’m not using it.

I upgraded to the latest firmware (1.9.1), did a factory data reset just in case some app I installed was responsible for battery drain, charged up the battery to 100% and let it sit there with the screen off.

In two days, the battery went down from 100% to 14% without any use. Wifi and bluetooth were off and I only turned on the screen to check battery level a few times—see the “Screen on” line at the bottom of the picture.

Is this normal?

In contrast, I can leave my iPad and Kindle sitting idle for well over a month with wifi/bluetooth turned off.


What can I do to address this issue?



I get the same issue. Everything turned off. Without usage for 8 hours, the battery drain around 80%. What’s the issue??


Have you tried battery saving mode? Also tap the ‘windows’ icon top right to ensure programs are closed.