Boox Note battery drain issue



I’ve noticed that the battery on my Note is draining quickly even when I’m not using it.

I upgraded to the latest firmware (1.9.1), did a factory data reset just in case some app I installed was responsible for battery drain, charged up the battery to 100% and let it sit there with the screen off.

In two days, the battery went down from 100% to 14% without any use. Wifi and bluetooth were off and I only turned on the screen to check battery level a few times—see the “Screen on” line at the bottom of the picture.

Is this normal?

In contrast, I can leave my iPad and Kindle sitting idle for well over a month with wifi/bluetooth turned off.


What can I do to address this issue?



I get the same issue. Everything turned off. Without usage for 8 hours, the battery drain around 80%. What’s the issue??


Have you tried battery saving mode? Also tap the ‘windows’ icon top right to ensure programs are closed.


Hi, same problem here with past rev. 1.9.0:

Now I’m trying this solution:

It may seem strange, but excessive consumption occurs just in “Power Save Mode”!
If you put in “Normal Mode” excessive consumption It does not occur!

Now I’m using rev. 1.9.1

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I ended up sending the Note to the factory. They repaired the issue and sent it back to me. It’s been working great since then. The tech rep said it had something to do with a bad capacitor.