Boox note broke physically, 3 years worth of notes gone

Recently had an accident, Boox was in the car and broke physically. Though I backed up PDFs with side notes, not sure there is a way to recover PDFs with sidenotes in place if I purchase a new device. Therefore, not sure purchasing another Onyx device is worth it because what happens the next time it fails? Is there a way to recover PDFs with side notes synced to location (i.e. the way they were on the device when it was functional) on a new device? I like the Onyx device but there are too many limitations in terms of backup and recovery, software support, multitasking, and customizability to justify another purchase especially considering that for its hefty price, you can purchase the best android tablet out there.

I’m not sure if there is any means to re-sync files to a new device. However, I used to use the Backup/Restore feature and was successful to recover all files from an old device to a new one. But, this may not work with a broken device. I’m really sorry for you :pray:.

When you recovered files, were the side notes recovered as well and in their right location? Thanks

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I don’t really remember because I don’t usually take side notes. But I do remember that everything was restored to it’s original location including folders, libraries, books, apps… etc.