Boox Note page rotation icons don't function correctly



I have an issue with the page rotation feature of my Boox Note.

With an epub, when I select the rotation icon to rotate the page 90 degrees counter clockwise to landscape mode that performs as expected.
But if after that I want to revert to the default portrait mode, the relevant ‘0 degrees’ portrait icon does nothing at all.

Strangely, if you then press the same -90 degrees landscape mode again, you would expect nothing to happen, since the reader already is in that landscape mode.
But instead, if you press it, the page turns to portrait mode, and even upside down.
Very strange.

So pressing these icons doesn’t result in performing what they graphically indicate, but they perform some odd rotation sequence.

Could somebody from Onyx or a forum member please replicate and confirm this?

(Note Boox Lite fw 2.0.1)


Dear, we have not experienced the same problem. It seems that it is a bug here and we have forwarded this to our relative colleagues.


I have a nova pro now. I am experiencing the same problem as jistme reports, the page rotation feature is erratic. Any chance of the bug being fixed soon?