Boox Note Pro not charging via USB C Charger



A few days ago I bought a Boox Note Pro from my local store.

I noticed that the Note Pro will not charge with USB C Charger , the charger I tried is the Apple 87W USB C Charger and the Aukey 56W USB C charger.

The only charger that works is the normal 2.4A Charger.

Is this by design? Or is there a bug in the firmware?

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It is by design. It is not a bug in the firmware. You are suggested to use the 5V 2.4A adaptor to charge the device.


I see. Ok.
Thanks for the validation.


This is misleading marketing. I would not have purchased this device if this didn’t work.

But apparently discussed previously but did not see it prior to purchase


You can charge on a computer/laptop USB, slow but works.