Boox Note Pro - Stylus compatability


Dear community,

Is there any other familiar stylus comptabile with the Boox note Pro - I like to explore different stylus and test them.


Samsung Note/Samsung Tab styli are compatible


Surface pro 1 and 2 stylus are compatible.


I’m using a Steadler Noris digital pen and it works great - much nicer than the original even though it lacks the button and the rubber.


Hi. I have also tested the Steadler Noris digital pen on my Boox Note Pro and I can say that my experience has been totally different than yours . The pen does work but the drawings and the notes taken with this pen are barely acceptable As an example when I try to draw a strait line in most of the cases I get a wavy one same behavior when I take notes.

Please might you possibly share what have you done to make It working great ?
I have repeated a few times the calibration but this has not helped .

PS : I have tested the note pro with Samsung pen from galaxy tab s3 and s4 and they both work fine and much much better than the Noris digital pen but I find then not easy to hold and use for a long time ; the Noris pen on the other hand is very easy to hold and use but the drawing in my case has a poor quality.

Thank You very much in advance


That’s interesting and caused me to re-examine it. You are right in that there is a waviness to the lines but primarily only vertical lines rather than horizontal. I went and studied a note I made with the stock pen and that also had a waviness on vertical lines although less pronounced. I think it;s definitely worse with the Steadler pen but hasn’t impacted legibility or handwriting recognition so I’m going to continue using it because it’s much more natural feeling. The effect is a little like using a fountain pen on paper which is too absorbent and you end up with feathering but only on vertical lines. I’m wondering if I swap the nib over whether the problem would go away. I’ll post some samples later and you can decide whether it’s any better or worse than your experience.



Hi . First of all thx for sharing the examples. I have to say that in my case the result with the Steadler Noris digital pen is similar to yours while the drawing I get with the onyx pen seem to be a bit better than the one in your picture. I just use the default note app and I set the line thickness to 5 or 6 , I guess that a bigger line thickness helps to mitigate the line waviness . Furthermore I have noticed that after an intensive usage of the onyx pen the pen nib has started to degrade and one part of It is tending to become flat. I guess that this has help to make the pen stroke to be all in all more linear since the pen has a stable touch on the surface .