Boox note starts up with blank screen and only the top bar showing


I am having problems with my onyx boox note where on startup once android loads it shows the buttons along the top but the rest of the screen is blank.
I have to wait (sometimes s long time) until an error shows and it asks if i want to wait or close the app. selecting terminate the process results in the home page and library showing.

Is there any way to fix this,?

I dont know if it’s related but sometimes the note app freezes and i have to close it but when this happens the pen becomes active on all screens i.e. i can write on the home screen.



Hello, could you please submit the problem on Service Request Form and our relative colleague will reply back as soon as possible.


I have solved to problem by removing an Application which I had installed from the app store to use the Note as a monitor.
I tried the App but it didn´t work how I wanted but it seems this app caused the Content Browser to fail.

On uninstalling the app the content browser and tablet started working normally again.

I´m sorry I can´t remember the name of the App but if anyone notices a similar problem it is worth checking if an app you have installed is causing the issue.
(Edit: The application was “Spacedesk”, once uninstalled the Note worked correctly again)