Boox Nova broken after firmware update V2.1.2 (20190615)



Bought my Nova in March this year, loved it and until last week it worked fine.
A few days ago I updated to firmware V2.1.2(20190615) and suddenly I have lots of problems:

  • battery drain from 100% to zero in less than 24 hours without using the Nova
  • doesn’t go to sleep when I close the cover
  • frequent crashes… very difficult to restore
  • when it finally works again the interface is very very sluggish and in the end it keeps crashing

I tried:

  • multiple restarts
  • factory resets via the interface and via the recovery mode
  • reinstalled firmware update V2.1.2

No luck…
Any ideas?



Hello Ron, could you kindly fill in this service request form with all information needed? Our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.


I have the same problem with battery drain after updating my Boox Note(
Support says that maybe aging battery, but I has been using the device just since 11.2018.

Slow / failed startup

Apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. Have you ever submitted this on Feedback already?


Yes, saying support I mean submitting on Feedback.


I also started to notice battery draining issues on my Nova Pro

With Simple System Monitor i have in my case narrowed it down to atleast one app that triggers it.

I use Pocket a lot and that is one of the apps that makes the contentbrowser (android system process) keep using cpu between 8-25%.

Which ofcourse drains battery.

I have tried a factory reset, but that did not help. I have also send this through feedback app.


Tested some more apps. Also seeing the same occur with wattpad, play books and the amazon kindle app.


I can’t send request to submit on Feedback, server doesn’t response. So I have a question:
I have bought my device less 9months ago, could you send me the battery for replacement on warranty (I want to replace myself) OR where can I buy (order) a battery for replacement?
Can’t find a battery for Note on internet.
Here someone has the same problem with a battery.


Please kindly send an email to and our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.


Look like there are many users who got their Boox battery ruined after updating,including me.
My guess is that the battery is of low quality and can’t endure the updating process!


Onyx Boox conducts strict quality control over the raw materials before production. Please kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device and our relative colleagues will reply back with better and faster diagnosis.