Boox Nova will not charge from type-c to type-c charger



Charging from type-c charger (anker) doesn’t work.
What is the point of putting type-c port if it can’t accept high power charging?
The only way is to put type-c to type-a adapter and then use the type-a to type-c cable provided with the tablet.
Please advise.



Try with another charger.
I’ve no problem with my HTC Type-C charger.


Thanks for the response.
Can you send me the charger’s model name?
Is it a new charger?
Did you try to charge from a different type c charger?



It’s the charger that came from my HTC U11 smartphone.
I’ve unfortunately no other Type-C charger.
Type-C port was a prerequisite feature when I was deciding which e-reader I should buy.


Hi Hrod, thank you very much for your help.:grinning:



I just want to make sure, is the port in the charger usb c or usb a?
All HTC chargers I checked in ebay are usb a to usb c.



My HTC charger uses the same cable provided by Onyx: USB Type-A for the charger and Type-C for the device (smartphone or Nova Pro).
Here’s the US version.
This is a rapid charger and charging the Nova Pro is quick though I’ve not used another charger to compare. It’s also my first e-reader so I’ve no point of comparison. I’m happy w
Charging is quick and I’m really happy with my Nova Pro.