Browser doesn't show URL bar / tabs / nav / settings

I have a Note Pro, it is great! But…

I somehow changed a setting in the browser so that it no longer shows the URL bar, tabs, or navigation widget. Now I can’t find any way to get back into the settings to change it back. So I can follow links from other apps, but I can’t type in a URL to navigate.

Any ideas?

Please go to Apps, long press the icon of Browser App and select the “Optimize”, and then uncheck the Full Screen option.

Thank you Claire for the reply.

I tried that setting, but the Full Screen option was already unchecked. It seems like it controls the operating system top bar, not the the tab / URL bar of the browser app.

Hey, please kindly click the button marked as black of the virtual page turner below.

Thank you again Claire.

Unfortunately as mentioned in my original post, the navigation widget (virtual page turner) is not shown either, I think I disabled it somehow from settings.

Any other ideas? Thanks,


May you provide a picture to illustrate the problem? Or could you kindly submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device?

I figured out the issue by accident:

I had turned off the “Show Custom Quick Control Menu” checkbox (from the “three dots” menu on the right-hand side of the tab/url bar), and turned on the “Quick controls” option (under Settings / Labs), which also hides the tab/url bar. I had forgotten I’d done this, so until I accidentally swiped from the edge (opening the quick controls) there was no way to get back to settings.

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