Browser Sugestion

For me (and all how loves read, I think) is very important not have distractions when I’m reading. Books are great but there are a lot of fresh and good (and bad I’m afraid) information on the web. To read without distraction I use a the reader view (in Firefox). But I rather prefer to read off line (no temptation to check my facebook, email,…) so I use an extension that transform my webpage into a ebook (Epubpress) and send to my Nova Pro.
What I love to see is a way (Open in NewReader option) to transform the webpage into a ebook and read in the New Reader of my Nova Pro. So you can save the pages as a book (and take notes, highlight, even draw on it…)
What do you think?

I am using the Yandex Browser at the moment. It is fast, has an energy saver mode and most importantly: It supports chrome extensions. I installed a contrast extension made by Google.

What’s the extension called? Also, have you compared it to Firefox Lite?