Bug: Built in templates have different line strength since 2.2.2

Dear Onyx Support

since you moved the toolbar from top to left (a really useful change!) the templates have a different line strength. This issue is related to all built-in templates. It seems that the resolution of the template files no longer fits into the writing area.

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Hello Erik, could you kindly reboot the device to check whether this problem still exists. If yes, please kindly submit this problem on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device and our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.

Hello @claire,

I already did these steps. I also know the reason for this. The resolution and aspect ratio of the template images do not match to the writing area in the Notes app. This issue is a scaling problem.

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This bugs me too - I’d like to make new templates at the “correct” resolution for the new writing area to avoid this issue, but I’m not sure what that resolution is.

@claire, is there any way you could find out what the exact resolution of the writing area is when the new toolbar is on the screen? If I have time I’ll play around with it, but making test templates to figure this out manually will be very tedious.

Updating this, in case it helps anyone else who shares this particular OCD about consistent line strength. After a little measuring and a lot of trial and error, I determined that the native resolution of the new writing area on the Note Pro is 1320x1761 pixels. Any image file with those dimensions will show up without distortion while the toolbars are open.

Obviously if you minimize the toolbars to use “full screen” mode, that is no longer the case - but unfortunately we can’t have it both ways. Imho this is a small price to pay for the vastly improved toolbar that no longer blocks part of the file itself.

Attached are a few templates I made for my own use. I prefer tighter line spacing and finer lines than the default templates provide; if you have a particular design and can’t figure out how to make it yourself (the humble MS Paint is quite good for this), feel free to make a suggestion and I’ll draw it up for you.

24 lines:

28 lines:

34 lines: