BUG: handwriting recognition unusable for English

The developers of the handwriting input and text recognition are obviously Chinese and only test it on Chinese. The thing is, most other languages have spaces between words. So this is what you have to do to actually input any text in English:

  1. Write your sentence, likely split across two lines on the small Nova screen (and even on the large Max one). For example, if you input “cat and // dog” ("//" standing for linebreak), you’ll get “cat and//dog” entered instead of “cat and dog”. If you try to add “and rabbit” after that, it’ll get appended to the end of last input directly, so you’ll get “cat and//dogand rabbit”.

  2. Fiddle with the entered text and try to manually insert the spaces.

  3. Figure out that it’ll drive you mad and take forever to get anything useful, and give up.

Same thing when you try to convert handwritten notes to text in the notes app.

Seriously, unless you’re masochistic, Boox handwriting is only usable to input a single word into a search field. I have to insist it’s a bug, as it obviously comes from not testing the app across languages.

It would literally take ONE LINE OF CODE TO FIX THIS (for all languages except Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Khmer, Lao, Burmese). Just append a single space character to any input, and do NOT append the linebreak. Linebreaks are much more rare than spaces, let the user insert them when they really want them.

People have been complaining on various forums for a long time. I can’t believe an international company that aims at professional readers and note-takers has let this issue drag for over a year. Still not fixed in 2.2.1.

I sure would like this fixed.

Well noted with thanks.

I’m not aware of Boox priorities, but for me as user, this would be top 1 priority to solve on this device, so easy to solve and so frustating for the user, making the handwriting just unusable.