[Bug] Neo Reader bugs



I have been using the Note 2 for few days now and I have noticed few bugs in the reader.

Bug 1: Zoom using multi column display
When reading a CBZ/CBR in a multi column mode, if I pinch to zoom it does not work.
I usually display the book in two columns mode so I can read the manga/comics seeing two pages. But sometimes one of the pages is in landscape mode and I’d like to be able to zoom on it if the text is too small.
Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ckr7gqy7bn9ite/Boox_bug_1.gif?dl=0

Bug2: Pages in CBR/CBZ not centered and weirdly cropped
If I open the CBR/CBZ when the display of the Note 2 is in landscape mode, the pages won’t be centered and I cannot move them. It shows the page cropped by 90% sometimes.
If I turn the Note 2 in portrait mode, then reopen the same comic, it’s working well, even if I switch to the two pages mode.
Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6m82cfnqb4js6j/Boox_bug_2.gif?dl=0

Bug3: Wrong page order in CBZ/CBR
I have noticed that some of my CBR don’t show the pages in the right order, if I open the same file in perfect viewer then it’s working well
When I extracted the CBR it was containing one folder per chapter “title_v01_c0X[text]”. Neo reader shows the chapter number two first, then the number three, then one, then 4, etc… The alpha order is correct in the folder names

Bug4/Question: Note 2 in landscape mode after reading a book in multi column mode
If I read a book in multi column mode and go back to the main menu, I expect the tablet to be back in portrait mode, but in my case it’s persisting the change from the app to the tablet.
Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bj9oelo22f8jmff/Boox_bug_4.gif?dl=0

Thank you for your help and I hope this feedback will be useful.

Version name: 11726 - d8eb39c (11726)