[Bug] Notes App: App-Breaking bug in thumbnail menu for large notebooks

Once again, I’m working from memory because I’ve removed all my large notebooks by now, but this was another very consistent bug.

So by “large”, I mean like 100-300 pages. That sounds like a lot, but since the Nova’s screen isn’t the big, it’s pretty standard for a semester of lecture notes.

To reproduce the bug, you tab quickly through the pages of the “thumbnail menu” (the menu that let’s you rearrange or delete pages in the notebook), and select one of them. This bug doesn’t always happen, but it almost always does when the thumbnail you clicked hadn’t loaded.

Unexpected behavior in this bug includes:

  • No ink appears on the page that you selected, even if that page actually did have writing on it
  • The buttons on the sidebar do not respond to user input. I remember trying to use the page-number button to enter a different page and potentially unbug the app, and the entry dialog does show up, but pressing enter doesn’t do anything.

The whole app basically becomes useless, and you can’t even fix it by backing out and re-opening the document, because it’d save what “page number” you were on, and since you were on the destructo ghost page, the only way to fix it is to shutdown the tablet.

Well noted with thanks. Will forward this detailed procedure to our relevant colleagues.