[Bug] Notes App: bugs out when switching to eraser soon after writing

I’ve noticed a strange bug where, if I’m writing quickly, pressing the eraser button will bug the whole app out. It seems to always be just after I try to switch to the erasing tool with the eraser button on the pen, but that could just be when I end up noticing it.

Unexpected behavior includes not being able to erase, the buttons on the side not expecting input, etc. It kinda renders a lot of the app unusable, and it happens so frequently to me that I’ve developed muscle memory for noticing it and immediately triple tapping the home button to force my way out of the notes app so I can restart.

May I know your firmware version first?

I’m experiencing the exact same issue & used to that muscle memory :man_shrugging:. Thats irritating when engaged in crucial times.

Latest for Nova Pro, the version no is 2019-12-30_20-29_2.2.2_1843383

Sorry for the late reply here. Could you please submit this on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device and our team will reply back as soon as possible?