[Bug] Notes App: Lasso Tool won't detect closure

I’m not sure if this issue is very recent, tbh the lasso has always been super buggy and unusable. It happens consistently enough that every other time I try to use the lasso tool, the unexpected behavior is displayed.

The unexpected behavior is as follows:

  1. The user tries to use the lasso tool normally
  2. After completing the circle and lifting the pen off of the surface of the tablet, the lasso tool actually doesn’t provide any feedback that anything has changed; the lasso stroke doesn’t go away, and nothing gets highlighted.
  3. Usually, the user will try to redraw or put the pen back on the screen. This will continue the lasso stroke until the user lifts the pen up.
  4. A completely different, completely incorrect selection is selected.

As I have said, the lasso tool has always been particularly buggy, but this bug specifically is what makes the whole thing unusable

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I can confirm this bug. The bigger the selected area, the more likely no or an incorrect selection will happen. There is also a problem with the palm recognition. Even if hand touch is disabled, the palm will revoke the selection.


Hi all, sorry for the late reply here. Per our R&D team, this bug will be fixed in the next firmware update. Please be patient.