Bug: Strokes in third-party apps are detected with wrong position


I am using a newly acquired Max 3, which is working perfectly for taking notes in the first-party note app. However, if I open a third-party note app like Squid or Evernote, a huge bug appears (and I am not just talking about the input lag). The touch interface of the apps generally works perfectly, until I try to draw something using strokes. No matter if I am using the pen or my finger, the line never appears in the position where I drew it. It always appears about 10 cm lower and to the right of where I drew it. Quite often, whatever I drew also appears larger than how I originally drew it.

It is very strange, because there are no issues at all when just clicking buttons etc. I can press any button, either with my finger or with the pen, and it registers it just right. It is only when I do strokes in order to draw something. It is a very strange bug indeed.



I just reported a very serious bug. When I draw on my Max 3 in a third-party app, whatever I draw appears in a totally different position, 10 cm away from where I drew it. This suggests that there is some very deep bug somewhere in the system. Could someone please take this bug seriously? Do I really have to video tape myself drawing in a third-party app to catch your attention? I had hoped that a bug report in words was sufficient.

On a side note, I discovered a different bug: Take a Max 3, and change orientation to upside down. Then try calibrating the stylus. Everything goes wrong. It registers everything you draw upside down, and you cannot even press “OK” at the end of calibration; you have to press where “OK” would have been if the screen hadn’t been upside down. Seriously, Onyx! Do something about this!


Hello, sorry for the late reply here. Could you kindly submit this bug on Feedback via Settings/ Feedback on your device? Our relative colleagues will reply back as soon as possible.


I have done that now.