Bug with page turning 2.1.2 Nova Pro


I’ve noticed for quite a while that every once in a while, rather than advancing a single page, my Nova Pro would jump many pages further into the book. Yesterday I finally realized what was happening and can reproduce this 100% of the time with the following steps.

  1. Open the slideshow view from the progress toolbar. This is the screen that shows a grid of 1, 4, or 9 pages in thumbnail view.
  2. Using this view, move many pages further into the book, but then cancel out of that view. You will be back at the same page where you started.
  3. Now tap the screen how you normally would to go to the next page.

Result: if you also tapped in an area where one of those thumbnail images were, you will not just jump to the next page, you will jump to the page indicated by that thumbnail, which could be many, many pages further into the book.

It appears that cancelling that slideshow view does refresh the display, but the tap areas for those thumbnail pages are still active on the screen and will take you to the page you unknowingly tapped on, rather than the next page.

Workaround: After exiting the slideshow screen, instead of tapping to go to the next page, use a slide up or slide left gesture. It seems that after a single page turn, the thumbnail tap areas disappear.


Have passed to our R&D Department. Will keep you updated.