Bugs and trouble in firmware 2.2.2 (Nova Pro and Note Pro)

  1. Why the Navigation ball can’t be moved to the upper menu bar? It was the good place for me in firmware 2.1.1. This is blocked in firmware 2.2.1 i 2.2.2.

  2. There is still a problem with the backlight automatically turning on. Although this feature is disabled in the power / activate front light menu when device wake up - disable.

It turns on automatically if you set the backlight manually.

  1. In the new firmware has removed the battery saving functions in the Power / Battery Status menu. This will probably worsen battery saving.

  2. I am very disappointed that the option to switch back to the older firmware version (2.1.2) has been removed. Removing older firmware versions at https://www.boox.com/downloads is very annoying.
    I made a successful firmware return in Note Pro because I had a copy of this file on my computer. Firmware (2.1.2) is the best for me.

Unfortunately, I can’t find firmware 2.1.2 anywhere for the Nova Pro reader. And now I have to deal with a lot of annoying mistakes and wait a long time for any corrections.

I hope that the 1st and 2nd errors will be eliminated



Just wanted to say that I would also love to be able to rollback from 2.2.2 to 2.1.2 on my Note and my Note 2 (if even possible). I have too many issues with 2.2.2 unfortunately.