Can I share the data among devices?


Hello, I am a BOOX note and BOOX MAX 2 user. I use the notebook app very comfortably on each device. However, because the data is stored separately, I can not sort and the files efficiently. I’m also wondering if I can transfer the data to a new device when I buy a new device in the future.
So I have a question. Is there a way to share notebook app data among devices?


Yes, you could easily share the data among different Onyx Boox device via your Onyx account. Below are instructions for sharing your notes among different devices.

  1. Please go to the Note App and click the rightmost button to pop up the menu option. Then click the “Backup and Recover” button.


  1. Please make sure that you have logged in your Onyx account first and then click the Note cloud backup option to make a backup first.

  2. Please turn on your another device and then open the Note App. Click the rightmost button to pop up the menu option and go to the “Backup and Recover” button. Then make sure that you have logged the same Onyx account as in your another device. Click the button as below to recover the backup file via Backup and Recover.

Sync notes between two Boox devices

Thank you very much. This will be very useful when transferring data to a new device.
By the way, If I have already created a file on a new device, will this be lost by doing this?


Yes, the current data will be covered by the backup file.


Thank you very much for your answer.
And now I found the message “Current data will be lost” in the screenshot you showed.
I’m sorry to overlook it.:sweat_smile:


Your are welcome. We will forward the request of not losing the original data to our R&D team to follow up.


This is nice for migrating data, but what would be very helpful is a real sync.
Also, would be great to being able to access notes from a Pc/mac