Cannot find contrast setting in neoreader v3.0 BOOX Max2 Pro V2.1.2update(20190613)



I only have the reader for a few days, and not sure if I’m missing something very obvious, but this is driving me crazy.
I cannot find the contrast settings for the default pdf app, can anyone help me?
It seems its Neoreader v3.0.
I have a Max2 Pro updated to the last firmware v2.1.2 (13 of June 2016)



Could you kindly tell us on which kind document that you could not find the contrast setting?


it’s just a PDF file


Hello, you could adjust the contrast settings by popping up the menu option and then go to Format-Contrast for PDFs.


Silly me, I knew it had to be obvious…
Sorry, I wasn’t able to find it until now!
Didn’t realize there was tabs on the top of the “format” menu.


You are welcome! Hope you could enjoy our product in the future and explore more amazing features on this device.