Cannot reset Onyx Boox Note


Hi !
I am at a stupid dead end : I recently bought an Onyx Boox Note, and set a PIN lock when trying the settings. It’s been a few days before I had time to come back to it, and now I cannot find the right PIN again.

It seems that my only option is to reset it. Fortunately, I have not had time to store anything important on it. Problem : I cannot find the right procedure to reset it.

I have searched this forum, read the FAQ, and even found that post on another forum. I could not into recovery either. Nothing seems to work. My Onyx Boox Note is still unusable, and I am getting desperate.

Can someone help me with this ? Thanks in advance.


Hello, I am sorry to hear about that. And could you try the steps as following to reset your device.

  1. Switch off the device firstly.
  2. Keep pressing the “Home” button and plug the device in the power source. (Please do not connect to the computer) When the light shines blue, stop pressing the button. Then the device will go into recovery mode.
  3. Press the back button to choose “wipe data\factory reset” and press the power button to execute. Then choose “Yes” and press the power button again to restore factory default.
    Please notice that all the personal data will be deleted after restoring the factory default, included the personal files.


Thank you very much, this has saved me.
I was unable to find that procedure anywhere else. Until this critical information gets documented, I hope this topic will be referenced by search engines.
Thanks again !


Hi, you could find FAQs in Help Center later, and this has been included there.