Can't download V2.1.1(20190417) [SOLVED]


Thank you jack - so it is a “one time only” download, and internet connection is not necessary on subsequent uses?
If so, I could take advantage of some friend WI-FI connection and then unlock this feature for home use.
Can anybody confirm? (sorry if this is going off-topic)


I can try tomorrow, but I think it need internet connection whenever it has to do recognition.


Hello Claire,
Perhaps you had to put a warning of this on the download page.
Surely you should have allowed the download of the old version 2.01 of the firmware (Max, Nova, etc.).
I, for example, am with the max2 and the bugged version 2.1.1 of the fw. and I don’t know how to downgrade to 2.01. How do I downgrade to version 2.01 or, better, to 1.9.x?
I look forward to the release of version 2.1.2, hoping that it is quite free bugs …
With version 2 you have changed too many things together without doing many tests; I would have inserted the new functions, gradually, keeping and slightly improving the old interface (v. 1.8.x, v. 1.9.x) which was much more flexible than the current one.
I thank Onyx anyway, I have been following for a long time (from M91 …).


Hi, thank you for your support to us all the time. You are suggested to download the AI recognition package first with the Wifi connection first time and then you could use the “handwriting recognition” without Wifi connection.


Yes, you are right. It should be downloaded first.:sunglasses:


Hello, thank you for your support to us all the time.

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to downgrade the firmware. If you downgrade the firmware, you may come across some bugs or even lose some data since there is something different in the new firmware. We will keep working and make sure that it will better in the next firmware update.


As Claire and you said, it works also without wi-fi, after one-time-only download.
Just tried.


Awesome - thank you jack and claire,
I’ll go and grab some friend’s wi-fi connection then :smiley:

And sure I’ll be catching the official upgrade as soon as it is available.
Boox keeps getting better and better with each new firmware, it improved really a lot since first releases. Great job Onyx!


Thank you for your support to us all the time!