Can't download V2.1.1 for US


Hello, i can’t donwload the link fo firmware v2.1.1 for Max 2 (US)
can you help me?


I have the same problem!


Same here for the MAX2 pro. I hope they fix this soon.


Dear user, we recently updated the firmware to version 2.1.1, which may cause bugs during use. This update has been temporarily suspended and we are currently developing a fix for these issues. The fix will be announced on our official website and social media once it is available. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.




Claire, while I understand that 2.1.1 was pulled to fix some bugs, would it be possible to make the previous stable version 2.0.1 available for those of us stuck on 1.9.1? My max 2 pro shipped with 1.9.1, and that version is missing a lot of features…


We are really sorry about that problem. Please wait for the firmware V2.1.2, which will improve the user experience a lot.