Cant update Note Lite


Hello. I was trying to update Note Lite to the latest firmware via OTA. After firmware finished downloading I clicked to update it now. After trying to update there was an error-
Verifying current system…
“System/app/browser/oat/arm/browser.odex” has unexpected contents.
Error in /data/local/assets/
(status 7)
installation aborted.

then it went into recovery mode and after rebooting it was still working.


My Note Lite worked after I updated it about a month ago, but it says fw 2.1, while in some aspects it looks/behaves like 2.1.1.
Together with your experience it looks like there are serious issues with updating the Note Lite at the moment.

Best to wait for the next fw release, Onyx (Claire) indicated it will be released sometime this month and will have many improvements.